This software is designed for; 

- improving the application development process,

- providing source management,

- improving the system reliability minimizing possible programming faults,

- adapting the developed codes to a specific designing model.

This substructure minimizes application development process and thus decreases the project cost. 

The system is compatible with Java J2EE technology and work with all application servers. 

Vehicle Tracking Management System and Fleet Management System Software - eMOVE


This application is a fleet management and vehicle tracking software based on J2EE architecture which works on appllication server and serves web.

This software coded suitable with J2EE standards can work on all kinds of J2EE supported application servers.

Limnigraph Management Software

This application is Java based programme belonging to Akım Electronics Co. used for controlling Limnigraph devices by hand-held computers on rivers, dams, lakes, irrigation channels, undergroung wells, controlling overflowings, drain water management, coast designing and environment working, water level measurement.

This application aimed for transfering the data obtained by device to computer, following the alarms and setting up and tunning the device is developed with J2ME technology based on Midlet.